History of White Rock 

White Rock Lodge was chartered from the Grand Lodge of Texas in 1854. At that time, it was known as a "moonlight lodge" because the light of the full moon was needed for lodge members to travel to meet. Because the lodge existed before Addison, which grew up around it, you'll find that many of our lodge members played an active role in the growth of the area.

Past masters of our lodge include multiple members of the Mckamy family. Those familiar with the roads around Addison circle will recognize the name Edwin Lewis, who is also a past master of White Rock Lodge. Modern day buildings like Two Rows and Cape Buffalo sit on property once owned by the lodge. The lodge's current building was built in 1954, after a fire destroyed the previous building. Unfortunately, many historical records and photographs were lost in that fire.
Today, our lodge members include good men from all walks of life including police officers, business executives, and politicians. It's important to note that masonry is not about networking, although you may find valuable connections in the fraternity.